a garden with trees and a pagoda is near a pond, in the style of stockphoto, maroon and gray, monolithic structures, shang dynasty, olympus m.zuiko digital ed 12-40mm f/2.8 pro, uhd image, hazy romanticism ancient pagoda by a pond in a garden, in the style of northern and southern dynasties, maroon and gray, contrast-focused photos, chinapunk, organic formations, shang dynasty, intertwining materials the pagoda and tree in the park, in the style of shang dynasty, documentary travel photography, maroon and gray, nature-inspired motifs, light indigo and green, romanticized views, qiu shengxian , a garden in an asian garden with a structure in the background, in the style of chinapunk, monolithic structures, maroon and gray, fujifilm pro 400h, uhd image, piles/stacks, romantic riverscapes –ar 4:3 –v 5

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