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Overwhelmed person at messy desk with papers and coffee::0.1 –v 4
draw a picture of yellow color robot bamboo bee rescue bot, ultra realistic. The theme of the draw should be a children fantasy dream robot, high definition, 8k, –v 4 –ar 9:16
A Disney-style cartoon seven color cat standing on a road , wearing a red scarf on its chest. The cat looking bravely and steadfastly towards the sky.
Overhead view of 2 guys entering in a house
Printing on textiles , cinematic composition shot, cinematic color grading + photo taken by ARRI, photo taken by sony, photo taken by canon, photo taken by nikon, photo taken by sony, photo taken by hasselblad + incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + professional lighting, photography lighting + 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm + lightroom, behance photography, unsplash –v 4
A frog sensei holding a sword and katana in a cartoon style
wall street movie no text
create a wallpaper with sarah michelle gellar as Buffy the vampire slayer walking through a graveyard, sky with clouds and a full moon, behind her graves and vampires, she is holding a stake and an axe on her back
cartoon picture of a knight with a lion cub in the forest near the village
a medium shot of an indian woman wearing a saree, captured with a Nikon D850 and a Nikon AF-s NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens, lit with high-key lightning to create a soft and ethereal feel, a shallow depth of field –ar 2:3
draw the monalisa as a super model, hyper realism, photo realism, sharpen details.
portrait of albert einstein, 4k quality, in modern clothes, with a modern background and with a finger pointing to his eyes
Some asia stunning modern lawyers with smile faces are hoding a cristal trophy and stand in front of big transparent administrative buildings with dimensional horizontal projections 2D.
app icon, 2D, 180:180, water color, subtle violet abd black colors, clean simple design, no logo
White-robed Li Chunfeng Flying swords Martial arts experts Snowy mountaintop Sword fighting Snowflakes
baby elephant play surfskate ,american grafffitii, white background
draw of benito juarez, mexican historic president
fat man covered in bad tribal tattoos, sitting on a park bench and drinking beer and overall looking like looser

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