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portrait photograph of a cute fluffy panda pirate captain at the wheel and in rough seas. tilt shift photography. 60mm lens. hyper realistic. cinematic lighting. elavated aspect. ar 5:3.
light tiffany blue cabinets with white marble countertop with a huge island in the kitchen with a breakfast nook on the side next to a window, handles gold, large pantry room,a large stove and a couple ovens,big kitchen sink, with flowers all around it. A window overlooking nice view
4k commercial diver in abyss, front of a monster, photo realistic
cucumber submarine –upbeta –q 2 –s 250
dog super hero, fashion, clever, superpoers, spectacles
cartoon picture of a knight with a lion cub in the forest near the village
a female programmer sitting on the ground , with mac and headphone, one cat on the right side,background of pastel colour, in the style of an ad studio, ultra realistic, 4k
Students throw a box of chocolates in the air at a graduation ceremony against the background of the university
a white sailboat sails through the crystal clear sea in clear weather and there are several white clouds in the sky
Apocalypse,mystical place, netaron ,8k
dark yellow, light purple, light green, cloud, water, photograph, far, MUE studio, Minjin Kang, minimalistic, vibrant surreal, 8k, 3D design, spring, digital art
3D, Logo, super car, 8k ultra realistic of Car Dealer with name Kravann
anime stile girl in her 20’s, in a short tight black dress diving deep in the ocean with an orca and its cub
man with devotional power gets possessed in a dense forest, long hair, masculine, brown skin, shouting in pain, wounded, dramatic shot, cinematic composition, night vision, realistic, 4k, high resolution, hyperrealism, mood lighting, soft light and shadow, –ar 16:9
Graphic design of wetland park,–v 4 –ar 4:3
half body gal gadot wonder woman with lightning of zeus
The style is a digital illustration 16:9 color provence two colors presentation
A rainbow-coloured butterfly flying across a field of flowers during a sunset

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