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minimalist flower bouquet with violet orchard, in modern pot, white background, HD –v 4 –stylize 500
A beautiful girl, headband garland, pure white dress, elegant, octane render 8k, green plant background, artgerm, Extreme Long Shot by Kawacy v 4-s 1000
millefiori salad::.75 side-profile, portrait of a beautiful woman standing on a seaside boardwalk in a beautiful Istrian coastal city, windy day, woman wearing a long billowing dress and fancy hat, many different Italian villas and shops and hotels, lush vines and flowers + style of Norman Rockwell and Coby Whitmore and J. C. Leyendecker + rich digital vector art, clean lines, maximalism, realistic, dynamic lighting, dynamic composition, highly detailed eyes, realistic colors, key visual, cinematic::1 –ar 2:3 –v 5
In the heart of a child lives a domineering lion
white tablecloth, glass of white wine, cheese slices, tulips, realistic, 4k, retro
thanos concept art, young, 4k, realistic, cinematic, cgi, real, unreal, front side, only face
half of the earth in digital style, above it with a yacht and a building. 4k, purple galaxy background, cinematic, a payment card on top
In an Anime Art Style a red haired Woman with blue eyes in space looking at a beautiful soft cloudy nebula with colors of blue, pink, and white shirling around
A woman in the form of a cloud, flies out of the clouds in smooth lines
A Japanese shopping street with a Japanese anime-style design. –v 4
a girl with red hair and a small dog sitting in the park of a big city with a pond
dancer (female) in white dress creating swirls of motion,maximum details, spectacular lighting, octane rendering, 8k, soft lighting –ar 16:9
viking ship in stormy sea –ar 16:9
Water lotus blue in lake full of lily pads surrounding mountain
illustration a very cute hippo with a long horn of a unicorn
sea ​​battle between ships
The Daring Rescue of Princess Buttercup
man, Somalia, warrior, AK 47, muscular

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